Kidney Cancer: General Information

The terminology of kidney cancer is used as “Renal Cell Carcinoma” in medical approach. Renal is a Latin word and its origin comes from the word of renalis, which means kidney in Latin language.

If we look to kidney cancer from the medical aspect, we can see that renal cell carcinoma is divided into various subgroups such as clear cell, papillary, sarcomatoid, transitional cell, etc. We will explain these subtypes of kidney cancer later, in both pages of Patient Resources and Health Professionals.

How is kidney cancer diagnosed?

Kidney cancer can be diagnosed by different scenarios.

For example, if the cancer has metastasized to anywhere, because of the symptoms that occur from this metastasis, when the metastasis found, kidney cancer can be diagnosed by looking for the primary cancer.

Also, kidney cancer may cause a number of symptoms alone and by this way this may lead to the diagnosis of cancer. Even, after the diagnosis of kidney cancer primarily, metastasizes can be spread to another parts of body although under proper treatment.

How the treatment is done in kidney cancer?

Treatment of kidney cancer varies greatly depending on how and when the diagnosis of the disease is made and at what stage of kidney cancer.

If the diagnosis is made early enough and the cancer stage is low-grade, patients get back to their healthy stage by only using the surgical treatment option. However, patients diagnosed by the metastatic disease, mostly need the treatment with intravenous or oral systemic chemotherapy.

Also, in some cases, additional chemotherapy treatment is required in some patients after the surgery.

Most things in journey of kidney cancer is completely up to you

Today, although doctors and health professionals spoke to you about your illness, the treatments that you need to take and the path which in the journey of kidney cancer you have to follow are indicated to you, although the situation seems to be independent of you, it is not exactly the case.

Many of the conditions that are relevant to your management, such as which treatment options you choose, which center you will receive your treatment, how often you will control, and the management of this and so on, are highly committed to your decisions and requests.

You should know enough about kidney cancer and its treatment

In this sense, in order to make the right decision, you must have enough information about kidney cancer, namely your disease.

Although an international protocol for kidney cancer has been published, different treatments and protocols for the management of kidney cancer can be varied in different countries of the world, even in different cities of the same country.

In this sense, in order to decide what is most appropriate for you, you should have enough knowledge about kidney cancer and treatment options.

As, we will be here to pleasantly share with you the current information and also the newly discovered data about kidney cancer and every topic that is relevant to it.

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