Patient Stories: Eric’s Experience

Eric was a very healthy individual until he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in December 2017. When the kidney cancer was diagnosed, the doctors estimated that the tumor had existed for about 9-10 years and continued to grow in this process.
With stage II kidney cancer, Eric underwent radical nephrectomy for the right kidney in the course of his treatment and he succeed in defeating the kidney cancer.

Started with a sharp pain in his back

On December 3 of 2017, while sitting on the sofa and watching the Minnesota Viking match, Eric felt a very sharp pain in his back. In the night of this day, the pain has become no longer tolerable, then he had to apply to the emergency room, he said. While he was going to the ER, he thought that something that could cause such severe pain could be a kidney stone. But after, he learned that a large mass which was encapsulated in the right kidney from the result of a CT scan performed in the emergency room.

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Many additional scans and tests performed after his admission to the emergency room, Eric was told that he had stage II Renal Cell Carcinoma.

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Doctors said that the tumor was approximately the size of a grapefruit and estimated that it had been growing for 9 to 10 years.

Eric said it was an extremely disconcerting event for him. Because he had not any symptoms until the bleeding started and he went to the ER.

After all this, Eric was shocked to hear that he had cancer like everyone else and didn’t know what to do.

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Reaction to the diagnosis of kidney cancer

With the expressing that millions of thoughts have gone through his mind and could not prepare himself for the situation, Eric said that he has no health problems otherwise and that there is no explanation as to how or why the tumor began.

Eric who married and having three children, worked hard to make the situation less scary for his children and family. He said, he was fortuned with his family and friends that surrounded him with their supports, helps and prays. Eric also added that, his wife is extremely strong and very helpful to him in both physical and mental sense by taking on everything.

The process of treatment

Eric is part of an amino therapy treatment program. This program is looking for a liver cancer amino therapy drug to potentially treat the kidney cancer.

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However, he said that, unfortunately i did not enter the experimental group to take the treatment drugs. He is in the treatment group that progresses with right radical nephrectomy, involving both kidney and tumor removal.

Defeating the kidney cancer

Eric told that he found strength in the process by praying and trusting the Lord. He said that he often prayed and did this not only for himself but also for his family. Above all, he said, he trusted the diagnosis, the doctor, and the treatment that was chosen to him. So, he took the mindset that he could fight everything that happen to him. Because he didn’t want the people around him to be affected from this situation, especially his children. He said this was the how he defeats the kidney cancer.

Advices from Eric

Eric advised the informing yourself and trusting in doctors after the diagnosis of cancer. He said that, there are many sources out there and many different health systems or organizations working on this topic. He also advised you to surround yourself with positive people. He added that, his best chance and faith for him, is his wife, family and friends who pray to him.

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